Olea Farm Olive Oil in Bulk

Do you own or operate a restaurant or gourmet foods store?

If you answered yes to that, or if you just need olive oil in bulk, then you are in luck. Olea Farm offers their premium olive oils in various bulk sizes. Weather you need 1 gallon or 50 gallons we can accommodate your needs.

Special Events,Private labeling & Wedding Favors

If you are having a special event, what better way to celebrate and commemorate the day than with your own custom bottles of premium Olea Farm Olive Oil? From simple to spectacular Olea Farm Oil is sure to be a big hit at your next event or celebration

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Whats New?

Bigger is better OLEA FARM goes crazy!
Now all of our olive oils are available online as well as in the tasting room in a MAGNUM size at just $45.00. Thats right MAGNUM, 1.5 liters of your favorite olive oil ready to go in a new giant botlle. The magnum is here to stay however the price is not, so get yourself a magnum today.

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